Mike Fitzgerald

Corporate Trainer

Michael Fitzgerald, a native of Sumter, SC, embodies the spirit of growth and perseverance. With a background in the military, where he served actively for six years and an additional four years in the reserves, Michael has always been driven to excel. His unwavering determination led him to explore new horizons, and he found his calling in the door-to-door solar energy sales industry, steadily climbing the ranks to become a regional manager.

As a dedicated family man, Michael cherishes the time spent with wife and his four boys and strives to set an example of commitment and hard work. It is this same dedication that he brings to his professional journey at Redis. Eager to embrace new challenges and seeking personal and professional growth, Michael is motivated to take on the responsibility of developing future leaders for the Redis Clients.

What drew Michael to Redis was the remarkable work environment, one that thrives on a culture of learning and support. Each day at Redis presents an opportunity to expand his knowledge and skill set, with the organization incorporating a learning-focused approach into its very fabric. The team culture at Redis is unparalleled, with a shared emphasis on supporting one another, creating an environment where everyone can flourish. It is a place where hard work and determination are rewarded, and Michael wholeheartedly believes that success is within reach for anyone who puts in the effort.

With every step in his professional journey, Michael Fitzgerald demonstrates remarkable growth and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As he continues his path at Redis, he is poised to make a significant impact as he leads his team to new heights. With his dedication, experience, and passion for growth, Michael is an invaluable asset to Redis and a testament to the power of perseverance and ambition.