Teara Morrison

Corporate Trainer

Saint Martin's University- B.A. in Education

I am a skilled professional in both education and customer service. I received my bachelor's degree in education from St. Martin's University (2016). I love networking with fellow businessmen/women, who are also driven to succeed.

Prior to coming on board with Redis Marketing I served as an elementary teacher for the Florence 1 School District and also an early Interventionist under the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN). As a former educator (K-12) I learned how to lead, plan and guide our future world leaders. I served the educational needs of my community, by working for a title 1 school. Although my position was very gratifying, I always sought more for myself. I have always had aspirations of becoming my own boss and taking charge of my destiny. One day in my search for other pathways; I stumbled across Redis Marketing and challenged myself to learn and grow in the sales and marketing industry. I was brought up to be a servant leader; I find much gratitude in serving others. I enjoy learning new skills, spending time with family, and traveling in my free time.

In my time here at Redis Marketing I've enhanced my communication skills, learned to become a student again, and also how to grow and lead a corporate team of professionals. My overall goal here is to develop my skills in sales and marketing. Through the management training program; also achieving ownership as a business partner.